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KO Blend Disposable Vape X Jualdi – White (2G)



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Introducing the Limited Edition KO Blend Disposable Vape Pens by Standard Extracts and X Jualdi

Standard Extracts has teamed up with the renowned artist Jualdi to bring you an extraordinary vaping experience like no other. Presenting the KO Blend Disposable Vape Pens, available in a sleek white pen and a sophisticated black pen, each adorned with exclusive Jualdi artwork. This collaboration is a celebration of art and innovation, encapsulating the essence of high-quality vaping.

Product Highlights:
Formula: A premium blend of THC-P, HHC-P, Delta-8, HHC, CBD, and CBN distillate
Design: Limited edition white and black pens featuring Jualdi’s exclusive artwork

Pink Pineapple Diesel: A vibrant and tangy mix that combines the sweet notes of pineapple with the earthy undertones of diesel, offering a refreshing and invigorating experience.
Forbidden Fruit: A delectable blend of tropical flavours, with hints of passion fruit and citrus, perfect for those who crave a sweet and exotic taste.
Lemon Cherry Gelato: A delightful fusion of zesty lemon and sweet cherry, balanced with the creamy notes of gelato, creating a smooth and satisfying flavour profile.

Experience the Best Formula Ever
Our KO Blend Disposable Vape Pens are crafted with the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients, free of harmful chemicals, additives, or cutting agents. This blend ensures maximum benefits, providing a strong yet smooth high that leaves you feeling relaxed and euphoric. Infused with live cannabis-derived terpenes from Terplandia, these pens offer a rich array of flavors and aromas to tantalize your senses.

Key Features:
Full Spectrum: Contains a comprehensive blend of cannabinoids for a well-rounded effect
Smooth Hit: Delivers a euphoric, clear-headed, and relaxed experience
No Fillers: Free from heavy metals and other contaminants
Rigorous Testing: Ensures every batch meets our strict quality standards

Exclusive Collaboration with Jualdi
This limited release features the unique art of Jualdi, making each pen not only a vaping device but also a piece of collectible art. Jualdi’s creative touch brings an added layer of sophistication and exclusivity to our KO Blend Disposable Vape Pens.

Why Choose Our KO Blend?
Our Knockout Blend is designed for those seeking an unparalleled vaping experience. With its meticulously crafted formula and live terpenes, it promises a potent, flavorful, and satisfying high. Don’t settle for subpar products—your experience is our top priority.

Try the KO Blend Today
Don’t miss out on this exclusive, limited-edition release. Elevate your vaping experience with the KO Blend Disposable Vape Pens from Standard Extracts and Jualdi.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Delta-8 and KO Blend Products are meant for responsible use by adults 21 years of age and older. Always follow local laws and regulations, and consult with a healthcare professional before using any new substances. The effects of our KO Blend products can be unpredictable, and users should approach with caution.


Pink Pineapple Diesel, Forbidden Fruit, Lemon Cherry Gelato




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