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Standard Gold Vape Case with Battery and Charger


standard-20b (2560 x 760 px)

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Discover the epitome of style and sophistication with our stunning gold vape pen and battery setup. This sleek, luxurious device delivers a premium vaping experience, ensuring optimal flavor, potency, and satisfaction with every draw. Elevate your vaping game and make a statement with this must-have accessory. Don’t settle for ordinary; indulge in extraordinary.

  • Standard Gold Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Black and Gold Standard Kit to hold everything when on the go


  • 5 clicks on the gold battery button to power on the battery. (Remember to charge your battery right away by screwing in the USB Charger and plugging it into any at home USB charger)
  • Screw the Battery into the cartridge
  • Inhale for 2-4 seconds while pressing the button then exhale
  • The battery has three heating temperatures, we recommend using the default temperatures it comes with which is the lowest temperature setting. However, the battery has an additional three heating settings that you can cycle through by clicking the button three times.


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